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Hello, friends. Long time no post, but TADA! I'm here with my January favorites! January has been a very welcoming month and I know that it isn't the end of the month yet, but why the heck not. Here is a compilation of my favorite products and stuff that basically made up my January so far.

Starting off with beauty products, I have been absolutely crazy over these Lush scrubs. I've picked them up near an MTR station in Hong Kong because unfortunately, they don't have Lush in where I live and that sucks big time. The bigger pot is the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub and boy let me tell you, it is dreamy. It is blue and smells of mimosa and oranges. I've been treating myself with this scrub every time I felt like rewarding myself. I personally like my scrubs rough. However, this sea salt scrub can be used as a shower gel as well, if you like things subtle. The little tub on the right is a classic lip scrub. I have created a blog post on how to recreate the vanilla kind, but I had to get the Mint Julips mainly because you couldn't really get peppermint extract conveniently. Lush's products are vegan, too! s c o r e.

The next product(s) is a makeup brush set from a brand called Suesh. I've never heard of it before and yet here I am using them everyday of this month. I believe it's a local brand. They do create amazing brushes though. Never underestimate local products! I ordered mine from Zalora (I've been ordering way too much stuff from there to be honest). The set consists of an eyebrow brush + comb, a small spongy brush for corners, a powder brush, an eye shadow brush, and an angled one all in one glitter pouch. These brushes were made with vegan-friendly materials according to the description. Again, s c o r e.

The last two for my beauty favorites are drugstore products. They are the Revlon Skinny Liquid Liner and this Matte Lippie from Happy Skin. I've been giving myself a cat eye a lot recently. I've recently discovered that they make my eyes a whole lot more moody and they do make me seem older (which I like pls don't hate I look twelve ok). This skinny-tipped one is great for rookies & newbies like myself. On the left is the Matte Lippie that comes in the shade Best Date Ever. I am fully aware of the fact that it is slowly transitioning into the spring time and so I should be transitioning into brighter colors rather than this dark plumy shade. But hey, it's too good. I've been embracing it while I still have time.

POINTED SHOES ARE LIFE. I've finally stepped out of my comfort zone AKA sneakers and loafers and tried out some pointy flats. They are actually no-brainers and I've collected two so far, I will link the one above right here  and unfortunately, the black pair I own is out of stock. Both are from Zalora because their items are all so pretty.

A heap of love, Regina

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