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It's no secret how much I am a sucker for The Body Shop. It wasn't until recently when I discovered how much of their products I own, so why not show you some of the ones I've emptied, re-purchased, and loved? I fancy all of their ranges, but these five products are what suit me (and could possibly suit you) the most. A lot of their products are cruelty-free too.

(from left to right)

Tea Tree Oil: I love tea tree oils. In fact, I think I've mentioned this in a previous monthly favourites (I'm missing out on March, by the way.) It is a mild treatment that works miraculously on my acne as it dries the icky stuff overnight. I don't often get big spots, but when I do, I stray away from prescriptions and stick with this natural treatment. I give

Olive oil Shower Gel: This product is another product I've raved about in an old post. But then, I had sample sizes and I guess you could see from the photograph as to how much I've upgraded. It's pricey, don't get me wrong. However, so worth it. Leaving the shower with this scent creates a relaxing atmosphere and it's satisfyingly luxurious to the scent. So lush.

Lip & Cheek Stain, Pink Hibiscus 001: The only make up product on my top five is barely a make up product. This stain or tint has become an everyday essential to appearing fresh and youthful for me. This colour specifically suits my skin tone and more than staining your lips a bold colour, it actually accentuates your original tone. I'm obsessed with pairing this minty lipgloss.

Vitamin C Liquid Peel: Highly suitable for tired, grumpy skin or in other words, my skin. Despite having youthful skin, I tend to have tired skin and by that I mean breakouts and under eyes dropping lower than my grades. And this, this helps radiate my skin and gets rid of the dead stuff.

Shea Body Butter: I have dry, dry, dry skin and The Body Shop's body butter is great for hydrating and moisturizing. I fancy its consistency because it's not one of those liquid, sticky skincare products. It also takes a long time to hit the bottom of the tub.

If you're new to the Body Shop products, hopefully this serves as a little guide. Also, it's definitely high street but it has its worth.

All the love,

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  1. great post,I've never tested the body shopproducts but I heard good things about them ,I might give the Vitamin C Liquid Peel as my skin really needs it xo

    1. The Vitamin C liquid peel is worth it! x Thanks for dropping by!


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