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I am a massive breakfast fan whether I whip up a quick bowl of oats or the heaviest breakfast you can think of. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it breaks my heart every time I skip it. To share my love for breakfast this National Breakfast Day, I'll be pinning down my favorite breakfasts!

On special days or lazy Sundays, I like to make my brother and I stacks of wholewheat pancakes. Wholewheat because it's healthier and less sweet in my opinion. My pancakes usually consist of sliced lemons, strawberries, and a home-made glaze, which is another perk of having not-so-sweet pancakes to begin with. Also, I love myself a warm hugging cup of lemon water every morning as it actually flushes out toxins and gives me a daily dose of vitamin C. You can find my favorite wholewheat pancake recipe here. (I do replace dairy milk with almond milk instead.)

For extra busy days, I'd normally cook up an all-time classic, breakfast pasta! It's an essential for energy loading. My take on the breakfast pasta has gone vegetarian because I am a pescatarian after all. Some people who have asked me for the recipe have added in bits of honey-coated bacon, but how would I know? Moving on, here's my recipe:

For ingredients, you will need:

  1. 200 grams of Long-cut pasta of your choice
  2. A medium-sized white onion
  3. A handful of fresh basil leaves
  4. A pinch of Spanish paprika
  5. 1/8 cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil
  6. Parmesan cheese adjusted to your liking
  7. 1 cup of shiitake mushrooms
  8. 1 medium-sized egg
Begin by bringing your water to a boil and plopping in *plop sound* your pasta. Stir in a bit of oil and sea salt to the water. Whilst waiting, dice up your onion and mushrooms and saute on a pan with olive oil and pepper. This is also the part where you can add in your bacon bits, but we're not into all that red meat here, so we're leaving that out for now. Instead, we're gonna throw in a handful of basil leaves. Once your pasta is cooked according to the package's direction, drain then toss into your pan of mushrooms and onions. At this point, you're just gonna want to incorporate it enough for the pasta to absorb the flavour; add in the paprika too. And viola! Plate it with grace and top with a runny sunny side up egg.

On to the last breakfast I'll be sharing today. This is a lovely bowl of old-fashioned rolled oats with a heaping of fruit. I like having a bowl of this comfort on regular school days. It only takes me about five minutes to prepare it with the stove top and I like to have majority of my fruit sliced and stored in a freezer bag for convenience. I also fancy a tiny bit of agave syrup. In addition, a good cup of green tea is my go-to tea.

I do have a numerous amount of favorite breakfasts, but honestly, I couldn't store all of it in here. So, this is it for now and I hope you love breakfast as much as I do!

All the love and tea and honey in the world, Regina

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