10 Facts About Paper Hobbit!

8:55 PM

Hello, people of the internet! It's pretty obvious that recently, I've been focusing more on beauty and skin care and little bits & pieces that I have purchased. So today, I've decided to whip up a post about me personally. I feel like you guys know so much about the things I love, but not really me as a person, you get what I mean? For this blogpost, we'll be taking a break from the usual and slide in twenty interesting (just kidding) facts about the person running this blog!

1. Regina was the name given to me by my parents when I was born on the sixth of February year 2000. So yes, I am sixteen, not twelve. Thank you very much. 

2. It is currently summer in the Philippines but once the school year begins, I'll be a junior in high school taking Humanities and Social Sciences.

3. I am a pescatarian which means that my diet consists of a lot of plant-based products, but with some seafood too. This is because I care a heap about animals and I can definitely live without seafood and dairy, but it's so hard to find vegan products in where I reside.

4. Whether it is stationery or beauty or tv shows, I get obsessed way too easily and you can ask my friends about that. I can ramble about something for days (literally!).

5. I have a guinea pig named Lush. Yes, like the cosmetics brand.

6.  Exercise is my dreaded nightmare, but I actually enjoy yoga. I find gyms to be so intimidating where as in yoga, I get motivated by seeing people who are very well-balanced.

7. My current favourite colours are pastels and copper metals. (My love for neutrals still exist; I just like to add bits of accents here and there now.)

8. I plan to take multimedia arts for college and then we'll see from there. I don't exactly have my life planned out (I did in the past) because I trust the flow of life and having your life planned out in bullet form will not work out as expected.

9. My body has a ton of moles. They're spread out on my body like constellations. Here's a secret: I once connected all of them with a pen in front of my mirror. Totally normal.

10. I started blogging in 2014 but so far, this is the platform I have stuck to the most. Cheers if you were there since day one in Wordpress!

Thank you so much for being a reader! It means extremely a lot that the viewers of my blog is growing. Whether you're new or you're a regular, thank you thank you thank you. Have a lovely day! x

All the love, Regina

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  1. I also get obsessed with things really easily! Good luck with school!


  2. Check out my blog - http://www.sinanashraf.blogspot.ae

  3. Those 10 facts are awesome!! I almost thought the picture of Lush was a doll :)
    Copper metal is also my current fav color!! Thanks for sharing these facts about you, loved reading this xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  4. So glad to hear that you're a pescetarian! I'm a vegetarian myself and it's so hard to find vegetarian friendly places around where I live, which is a reason why I haven't fully gone vegan yet. If you don't mind me asking, why did you switch from Wordpress to Blogger?

    Kathlyn | https://kathlynskorner.wordpress.com/

    1. Hi Kathlyn! I first started off with Wordpress and don't get me wrong, I love Wordpress because it's user-friendly. However, I find Blogger to be more adjustable in terms of how my blog looks without having to pay.

  5. I get obsessed with things so quickly too but I think it's a great thing! Lush is so cute!! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  6. I've been looking through your blog and it's great, you seem like a very nice person :) I also feel like we have a lot in common :)

    Stella xx


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