Hot Summer Day Essentials

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I'm on Summer break! Because it's summer, this means hot, humid weather and because I come from sunny Cebu, honey I know what's up. A fully caked face on a scorching hot day will not turn out the prettiest, in my book at least. Living in the Philippines, every product should be waterproof because you'll never really know when the sun decides to leave beads of sweat on your face. So today, I'll show you a couple of my essentials to beat the heat (besides water and oil control film).

001: Benefit's ka-BROW! is the only brow product I reach out for on a daily basis. This is because a) the packaging is cute and I don't need to purchase a brush that costs more than actual makeup; and b) it's water and sweat resistant. I like keeping my brows au naturale.

002: Sunscreen is my go-to face product due to the given that it's both a moisturizer and a heat protector. I usually go for my Armada SPF 60 from VMV Hypoallergenics or this face sun cream my korean friend gave me. Sunscreen also keeps your skin looking youthful and if you hate the dewy look, opt for a powder that has SPF in it.

003: During summer, I personally like to stay away from a full-coverage foundation which is why I simply put on concealer for the areas in my face that make me go 'that doesn't look very right'. For concealer, Maybelline's Fit Me! Concealer is great and dewy (so don't pair it with a BB cream, please don't.)

004: Ah, yes. Another Maybelline product because they're pretty good at saving wallets and haggard faces. Their HyperCurl Mascara is a total eyelash saver. It's my everyday mascara for school and it's great at staying put despite the numerous times I've cried, which makes it suitable for humidity!

005: The Body Shop's Vitamin C Exfoliator and lip tint are great. I've actually raved about them on here, so I won't be elaborating too much. The stain, however, is perfect for natural rosy cheeks during a beach day.

Those are my hot summer day essentials! I'm aware that summer isn't quite there yet in other countries, but if you're almost there, I highly suggest you consider these products to save your face from the sun.

What's your summer essential? x

all the love, 

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  1. That Vitamin C exfoliator from the body shop sounds so good, I've heard so much about it :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. Benefit's Ka Brow is so amazing! I've worn it swimming before and my brows looked exactly the same afterwards - thank god! Great post x

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. It does wonders! Thanks, Georgia x

  3. Thanks for sharing these products. I love Maybelline mascara and that concealer, they are my go-to! I haven't heard of any face sunscreen with SPF60 so definitely need to get that for the summer. xoxo, Christine

    1. It's the Armada Sport I think :) x


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