A Letter To My Body

6:06 PM

Dear Body

It has never been your fault. Every curve, every scar, and every spot on your skin is perfect. Your flaws shouldn't hide no more. The tiny freckles are like dots of paint on a blank canvas. The scars once bold each had a vivid history. Your moles  alter you from everybody else.Each stretch mark like lightning bolts reminding me that I am a force of nature. You are one-of-a-kind, you are home.

I am genuinely sorry for blaming you just because you're not like the models from Nylon. It's not your job to look like them. You are good enough already. I'm sorry that several people don't like what they see. You're impeccable to me. 

You are free to wear a bikini; you are free to wear whatever. I will learn to differentiate society's beauty ideals and my own beauty ideals. I promise to stop caring about what they think because all that really matters is what I think. Thank you for tolerating this body negative world. 

Thank you for providing a shelter for my soul. I'm sorry for skipping vinyasa classes and eating Nutella straight from the tub. I know it's bad for you, but some days I just couldn't help it. Also, thank you for hugging me 24/7. I love you.

Love, Regina

Write a letter to your body today. It is a special thing that you own. Cherish it like it's your most-prized possession.

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