Pop District Mini-Haul!

10:12 PM

Good day, people of the blogosphere! Since it is finals week, I realized that I couldn't put something up for a few days. To make it up, here's a little haul of finds that I picked up in yesterday's Pop District bazaar. Although the weekend was reserved for studying, my mom and I decided to show up in the local bazaar for about two hours and I got to see a few bloggers but social anxiety stopped me from taking photos with Camie & Ida. I believe the bazaar's still up until tonight, so if you're a reader from Cebu, go check it out! It's quite worth it because despite the small number of booths, they're all interesting. Anyhoo, here are my purchases!

I got this collared-knit top from a booth called Squash Clothing. I've been experimenting with different styles lately and I'm quite loving pastels now. Finally something that isn't black or white!

This notebook from suw(h)at is the coolest!The best part? It has blank pages for me to doodle my butt off during entrepreneurship class and it was only for $3!

I've never owned a pair of wide-legged pants before, but this piece from Squash Clothing (again, not sorry) is the most comfy apparel that I own. I have seen Laureen pulling it off, so I decided why the heck not.

P.s these pants are aqua, not gray. My camera captured it as a different color for some unknown reason.

I got this cropped button down from a booth named TWIC. It has daisies dotted all over it and I just find it to be casual and good for chill weekends.

I honestly forgot the name of the shop that I bought this from because I immediately took of the tag  to wear it. The guy was selling bracelets and other accessories made out of Philippine elements. I love the authenticity in the shop's products.

TADA had really great playsuits and dresses. They all had a boho chic vibe in them and I really dig that. But again, it's black and I would wear basically anything that's black. My brother told me that it reminded him of Marzia Cutiepie and then I realized that he actually made a great observation.

Can we just praise the heavens of faux leather bags right now? This is definitely my best buy! It's from an online store called Nevelle/eleven, I believe. It's very laid-back. Also, it was under $12 and the quality is unbelievably great. I haven't really gone through a tote/shoulder bag phase before, but this makes me want to gather more.

Saved the best for last! Yes, last. This is probably the shortest haul in the world, but that's because there were less shops than I had expected. But these socks, you guys. The Scream by Edvard Munch is one of my favorite masterpieces so I basically freaked out when I saw it. I also had to bring home my good friend, Mona. Both pairs are from Paper Hearts! Each for again, $3 (IS THIS THE REAL LIFE)

That is all! This is my first ever haul, so be nice folks.

Love, Regina

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