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March went by way quicker than expected with a Chris Martin dance workshop, prom, and several school debates. I haven't been as active in my blog and that's because of my busy schedule. However, that isn't an excuse to stop my monthly favourites, so here I am with my March Favourites! I haven't been full-on obsessed on anything during March mainly because I've been focusing more on people, but I have gathered up some essentials.

Let us begin with skincare. Cebu's weather has been all over the place, mostly scorching hot. Thus, causing a whirlwind of emotions on my skin i.e rash, acne, and dry skin. I've been focusing on my skin a lot recently because I am not blessed with flawless skin or a flawless face.

The Body Shop, Tea Tree facial wash & toner: TBS' tea tree range is by far my favourite! It's sucha classic choice and I've been using both products daily. I love the minty feeling it leaves on my face and it smells so good. I highly suggest you try their tea tree oil too!

Skin Food, Beauty in a Food Mask: I've been raving on about Skin Food for quite awhile. They have an annoyingly big range of facial masks which results to me purchasing way too much than I need. However, the beauty in a food mask is the bomb for me. These facial masks are on point, okay. Also, I love how Skin Food incorporates food onto their products. My personal favourites are ginseng and black bean.

Moving on to beauty products. I haven't purchased as much as last month and if I did purchase something, it wasn't good enough to be posted on here. I did order a few lip products though and I couldn't help myself but show you. Trust me, you need them in your life.

Colour pop, ultra matte lip: I AM OBSESSED. I lied when I said that I wasn't obsessed with anything this month. It's super affordable but with a wallet-bleeding quality. It's fascinating how it's matte yet it does not dry out your lips. It also has an amazing applicator which makes lining lips easy and it stays for a long period of time even when eating a meal. Tulle and Succulent are my favourites for the summer time. Tulle is a dark reddish brown which is great for boho beach days whilst Succulent is the brightest red I've ever purchased in my life. It's perfect for sunny days.

Happy Skin, Zz second skin cream: If you're looking for a light cream or foundation to apply on lazy days or regular school days in which you don't need to look good for anybody, try this. Happy skin makes magnificent make up products with adorable packaging. This one is not full coverage and it has a very liquid consistency. It also has SPF which is again, great for the summer time.

Roxy, Victoria Strap Watch: I've been looking for a rose gold-colored watch that doesn't involve sparkles or anything too glamorous that doesn't suit me for a while; this one from Roxy is perfect. It's a little bit bigger than most watches I wear, but the canvas strap and rose gold go very well together. It's basically the adjective down to earth on a wrist watch.

Zalora, Pink Cut-out Derbies: The cutest pair of shoes I've ever owned. I've never owned pastel pink shoes in my life and I think that this pair screams quirky to me. The aesthetic alone reminds me of spring time and it goes very well with a lot of my wardrobe pieces.

Zalora, Beige Backpack: This backpack is named as over-sized on the app, but it's perfect for day outs. If you are a person sans phone like I am, you probably carry a backpack around too. This one I've used in school and for days that I go out and I have had no problem! The faux leather is such a neat texture. It looks like a pricey-buy to be honest, but it is super cheap for something with really great quality. My wallet thanks me so much soz for the tears of joy. I think it's on sale on the website, so go check it out if you wish.

If ever you are interested on purchasing items from Zalora, I've got a special discount for you! All you need to do is enter the code "ZBAP26GA" upon checkout and you earn 15% off!

Zoe Sugg, Girl Online on tour: I was a massive fan of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg despite the many rumours that spread across the internet, so when I found a physical copy of it in our local bookstore, I squealed. IT WAS THE LAST ONE! In the sequel, I could see how careful Zoe was in whipping up every chapter as my feelings are held in her palms. I am not finished with the read yet, but I am infatuated with this book. I don't know if there's such feeling towards a book to be honest. Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of this cover as it is too vibrant or saturated. I prefer the first book's more, but it doesn't really matter, does it?

That is all for my monthly favourites! I hope this one wasn't too boring.

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  1. I've heard that skin food is quite good I must try it! Plus your shoes are the cutest shoes I've seen for a long time! I also loved Girl Online on Tour it's much better than the first! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  2. Loving your picks for March! I absolutely love Tulle, it looks great on all skin-tones! And I have yet to read Girl Online World Tour but I def want to get to it during summer break! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9


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