Pop District Summer Haul

5:59 AM

top - Zalora (15% off discount code: ZBAP26GA) ; skirt- topshop ; bucket bag - lacoste

Jam's home made goodies are the bomb dot com.

Last September, I posted a mini-haul of products and clothes I had purchased from Pop District Bazaar and this year, it's back & better than ever! Pop District Summer is my favourite one yet and not because it has so much cacti to die for but because the retro theme made everything feel upbeat. This year, I luckily got to go for two days -- yesterday with Hearily and Neil, and today with my mum. On the fifteenth, I didn't get to purchase any apparel because my friends weren't as fascinated as I was. Trust me when I say that I could obsess over something so quickly. I also don't blame my friends for getting mad at me for getting distracted so easily. However, my mum too loves bazaars and going heart-eyes for stalls, so we decided to drop by after lunch. Before I continue rambling, let us get on with the haul! -insert overplayed edm music right here-

Raw by Roque set up a tiny stall with the most fascinating vegan scrubs. They're also hand-made and they all smell like swish of heaven. Their range goes on from donut-shaped soaps to birthday cake scrubs. It reminds me a lot of lush except it's much personalised and I love supporting small businesses. The best part about Raw is the fact that they advocate for IRO and a percentage of their proceeds go to the animals. I purchased two scrubs -- a coffee sugar scrub which was for 380 php and a razz beary sea salt scrub for 280 php. The Razz Beary is extremely pretty in my opinion and it reminds me a lot of spacegirl which is a bathbomb from Lush.

Muse'  Kissproof lipstick seemed promising and for 150 php, it's highly pigmented. I went for the shade 012 and it's a really good color. However, it didn't work well with my dry lips and they did suggest to apply lip balm at first. The lipstick was nowhere near soft. Sorry, not sorry.

Make up Lush is a beauty lover's dream. In Cebu, it's quite difficult to get hold of high street beauty products but this stall had a wide selection. I got two new shades of Colourpop matte lippies, bumble and donut, because as I mentioned in my March favourites, I am obsessed. Also, I purchased my first Rimmel product which is this pressed powder, very well-known for setting. AND HOLY MOLY ME O MY, they had Tarte products! Tarte is very rare in this smol island, so I sort of freaked out.

Moving on to clothing, I honestly don't want to show you guys everything I bought because not gonna lie, how tiring would that be. So here I whipped up a cosy summer outfit for you. The crochet top and white high waist shorts are from VIA Clothing and I wish I could remember the price because it was a score, but it was under 500 php. The long cardigan is from the Reblog Shop and bought it for two items for 700 php. I bought a powder blue striped dress that went along with it but again, I'm a lazy ol' snorlax :-)

I named them gorgonzola & brie and it's ironic because I don't support the dairy industry.

Meet the new addition to my household, Gorgonzola & Brie! I bought these succulents from a lovely stall named Gales Garden and the lady was very nice. They had a huge selection of cacti and succulents in the cutest pots. Each of mine were for 200 php.

Last, because I'm tired of writing soz, I bought three stickers from Bea, who used to go to the same school as me. Her talent is astonishing and look at these precious babies. Her art is love, her art is life.

Overall, Pop District Bazaar put up the best online stores from IG onto one convenient venue. It was a blast. Also, thanks to my mum, Neil, and my child, Heari, for coping up with me.

All the love, regina

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  1. This seems amazing! I love every bits of the Pop district bazaar, it's full of colors & spring/summer vibes! And your succulents are ADORABLE & their names!!!!
    Loved reading this post xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  2. this looks so cute, i'm obsessed with succulents!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. Nice post ! I love the photos so much! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely day. Would you mind checking out my two latest blog post?


    Jeff. x | Blog | Bloglovin' | Pinterest

  4. Love the little plants! x

  5. they are lovely! x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  6. sweet! I got this iTunes Card Code and surprisingly it worked! They gave me one for free from http://freeitunesforever.com

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  8. Omg this sounds so amazing! I love the clothes you bought so much and the cacti are so so cute! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  9. Such a cute place and the plants are adorable!!!


    Laila xo

  10. So cute, i love your photos as well xxx

  11. super nice pics...and amazing place...like in a fairytale. Thanx a lot for your kind comment


  12. Those succulents are so cute!! and I also rly like your skirt :D


  13. Looks like a fun place to shop! Love your Zalora top and your summer cosy outfit :) I really want to try a matcha cookie! And ahh those plants are adorable. I went to a market two weeks ago, and there was this succulent shop and I wanted to buy something so badly but it's nearing the end of the school year and I'll have to move out, so I didn't buy any succulents, but I'll be looking out for that shop at the beginning of next year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. thank you so much, Audrey! Hope you could purchase a succulent soon. They're too cute!

  14. <3 Loved the photos like the others and you´re really really beautiful Wow! <3


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