Let's Talk: Why Pescetarian?

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Today, I will be tackling a topic that most people ask me about: Why are you a pescetarian and how do you do it? This month last year, I made a massive change in my diet. I chose to become a pescetarian! If you don't know what a pescetarian is, kindly click here.

In this post, I'll go over what I eat on a regular basis, how I manage in school, "help! my parents wouldn't allow that kind of lifestyle.", and why changing my diet has been the best choice EVER. Also, I'll be talking about why I'm pescetarian when what I really want is to become a vegan.

Why did I go pesco-vegetarian?

I grew up loving animals, I still do. It was around this time last year that I clicked on a viral video from Facebook showing a hundred of dogs whipped, boiled, and fried alive in front of their own species for a dog meat festival in Yulin. It disappointed me so much. I was disappointed on the people who participated in the festival and it was unquestionably messed up. And then it came to my mind, why do I care so much about these dogs? Why do these people eat them? I cared about these dogs because I've grown up with people telling me that dogs are pets, but these people see them as food. In India, cows are sacred. They would never think about eating a cow, and yet there I was with my gourmet burger. The night I started  questioning these cultures and my diet, I felt like a complete hypocrite. "Why is this animal more special than this one?", "Why am I eating these animals specifically?" . So the next day I cut out red meat from my life, and then I realised that I wasn't much of a fan of chicken, so I cut that out as well. I was left with seafood and the usual vegetarian staples. For now, I can't go vegan as much as I would like it because I still live with my parents (who happen to run a fish business). The bottom line is this: I felt like a hypocrite, I still am because I still consume fish, dairy and eggs, but I am on my way there. I've made this change to support animal rights, to serve the environment, and to inspire other people to see the bigger picture.

What I eat normally.
I cook a lot of my own meals and I think that's a positive thing about being in control of your diet; you actually start cooking and experimenting! It makes you step out of the iceberg lettuce. My menu includes:

Breakfast - rolled oats with almond milk & fruit, breakfast smoothie, wholewheat pancakes, baked avocados, and more vegetarian (vegan without egg bc I hate cow's milk) recipes.

Lunch - pasta with pesto/tomato/olive oil/cream (soz) sauce + mushrooms and veggies, brown/white/black rice and vegetable curry (FAVE), shrimp scampi

Dinner - salmon with pesto and asparagus, seafood paella, pizza and a garden salad (not really a salad fan, quite boring tbh)

Snack - carrots + zucchini & hummus, yogurt (preferably dairy-free) with fruit and chia seeds, chia seed pudding, fruit

What helped me in becoming pescetarian and drives me to becoming vegan?
If you're interested in helping the planet instead of million dollar-making farm factories, I highly suggest you view documentaries about slaughter houses and where your food comes from. It's quite graphic and it might disgust you, but it is the truth. It is not make belief, that smiling pig on the packaging of your 'bacon' is the definition of make belief. To help you understand more, here are the videos and lectures that got me started:

How do you manage in school?
As much as possible, I try to pack my own lunches. Most of my packed lunches are vegan because it is easier. Once in awhile, I'll pop out a can of tuna, but that's my last resort. Pinterest has amazing quick and easy recipes to follow, so I always make sure to stock up on ingredients. The school cafeteria does serve fish and vegetables and I do purchase my food from there when I don't have time to prep. However, I'm much more comfortable knowing that I cooked my own dish because I'm actually fully aware about the ingredients and cooking process.

"Help! my parents won't allow me."
The best thing about being a pescetarian is that you can still ensure your parents that you still have protein through your seafood and beans and legumes. You don't really need fish as a protein especially when you've stocked up on superfoods, but you have to show your parents that it's a process. Tell them about the benefits of the lifestyle and how determined you are. Teach them about how it can not only benefit your health, but the planet as well. I grew up in a meat-loving family, but that didn't stop me. You can suggest to cut out red meat first (pork & beef) and then work your way to cutting chicken, and then fish eventually! 

I hope you watch the videos above and research more about the food you are taking. I am fully aware that eggs and dairy are disgusting, but it's a process. Do consider to be the change this world needs :-)

All the love, Regina x

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  1. this was so helpful as I really want to go pescetarian but experimenting with new foods and cooking home cooked meals rather than ordering take out seems so difficult. this was so inspiring though, thank you! xx


    1. thank you so much! Plenty of restaurants have seafood and vegetarian options in where I live :)

  2. this was so helpful as I really want to go pescetarian but experimenting with new foods and cooking home cooked meals rather than ordering take out seems so difficult. this was so inspiring though, thank you! xx


  3. Thank you so much for this... I have been considering becoming a pescetarian for a while now and this has most definitely helped me to stop thinking and actually start! My whole family eats meat etc so it may be quite hard in becoming a pescetarian- any tips?
    P.S. just realised our users are almost the same! I'm sure you've had yours longer than me but i hope you know that I wasn't trying to copy you! x

    1. Just re-read your post- forget the question i asked! xox

    2. Thank you for reading! Good luck with your food journey <3 Also, my family minimized eating red meat now! I hope you can inspire yours as well :) x

  4. I'm a vegetarian, and have been since I was 7! I just think it's so cruel to eat animals and I think a lot of people are hypocritical saying "I wouldn't eat a horse" but then they eat cows! I'm happy to hear that you're transitioning over to veganism though! That's really inspiring. I know the dairy industry is bad, so very very slowly I'm reducing the amount of it I consume. I will save those videos to watch later x

  5. Very interesting read, and your meals look incredible!


  6. OMG that video called 'MAN' makes me so emotional! Me and my friend were watching it whilst there was a storm outside and it just made me feel so terrible about what we are all doing to the world.
    Aleeha xXx

  7. Great blog! :)

    Timon | http://timonkapec.tk

  8. This post is so good!! I've been thinking about going vegetarian but, it's difficult! I love animals and I support animal rights but (gosh) I love meat. LOL I feel so guilty! I think, a pescetarian diet is a good way to start! Thank you for this! Do you have a post or are you planning to make a post about steps on how to change a lifestyle, pescetarian for beginners or such? :)


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