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Kicking off 2017 with actual shoes! I've gathered up a little list of shoes that I've been wearing a lot recently, so I thought that I would show you to spark some shoe inspo. Most of my shoes are black (what a surprise) because I do not like committing to vibrant colours in order for me to pair them up with any outfit I throw on. 

  1. KENZO Paris Espadrilles. These have been my everyday shoes back when my school didn't have uniforms yet. They're absolutely wearable and comfortable. Slightly on the pricier side, I can tell you that these will not fail you. 
  2. TOPSHOP lace up Clogs. Living in a tropical country and being 5'0 tall, these suit me very well. These were the first clogs that I've owned and they've made me massively in love with how versatile they are. 
  3. River Island metallic Plimsolls. Not gonna lie, when slip on plimsolls first sold in the market, I was not a fan. It wasn't because I didn't like the design, but just because everybody had them. Eventually, I gave in to these rose gold ones that really pop out of the mainstream. love love love.
  4. Loafers with garter.  My mom visited Korea a couple months back and brought me home my most worn shoes to this date. I haven't really had much posts talking about my love for style & fashion, but what you should know about me is that I love loafers. This pair goes with almost everything in my wardrobe from trousers to dresses.
  5. Adidas Copper ZX Flux. I don't really fancy wearing running shoes casually, but this pair from Adidas is exceptional. The copper accent is what won me over, but I still feel super basic wearing them to the mall. Nevertheless, you couldn't really go wrong with going to PE with comfy, fashionable trainers.
  6. Steve Madden T-strap Sandals.  Pretty much the only t-strap sandals I will live by as I have been summoned by the power of a pretty metallic once again. Every time I put these babies on, I feel very feminine. This definitely set the standards high for t-strap sandals.
  7. Zalora Pumps with bow details. Slip on suede pumps? I think yes. I've worn these mostly during the festive season because it has the prettiest metallic heel. I've seen these around pinterest and this one from Zalora is wallet-friendly yet trendy! 
What has been your go-to pair of solemates recently? 

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