Holy Grail Face Mask

5:29 PM

Face masks are my favourite skin care products. There's nothing like a good ol' face mask on a Sunday night. I came around one of these clay bentonite face masks online and everyone was raving about 'The World's Most Powerful Face Mask'. I was curious, of course, especially with all those before-after photographs, so I definitely had to place an order. And not gonna lie you guys, I might be obsessed. With this Indian Healing Clay face mask, you can really feel you face pulsate as it declogs your pores. It's also organic, natural, and cruelty-free which is amazing. It's solely made up of 100% calcium bentonite which results to a very hard mask after 15 minutes.

With this face mask (it comes in a powder form) you could mix in 1 part water or 1 part apple cider vinegar. However, the hipster I am, I mix both of them as it is what works for my skin best. I also like to use a Happy Skin blush brush to apply the muddy consistency onto my face. I do about 1 teaspoon of calcium bentonite for my tiny face and paint on 2-3 coats. The instructions suggest a quarter of an inch worth, but it does take some time to dry. It's so satisfying removing the mask in a hot shower.  And don't be afraid, it is natural for it to leave redness for the first thirty minutes.

Budget wise, it is so worth $10! I highly suggest you get it because for a girl struggling with a heap of blackheads, this face mask minimizes it soo well. I raved about it to everyone I know and tested it out on both my mom and my brother and you could legit see how clean their pores are. All in all, probably the best face mask I've ever tried. 

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  1. I love wearing face masks =o) It's always so fun to find new ones to try, thanks for sharing! =o)


  2. These look so fun! I'm excited to try these face masks out!


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