Origani Botannica Scrub

9:08 PM

I don't often get ahold of fancy, luxurious body scrubs as I like to experiment on different ones. Fortunately, my aunt gifted me one from Origani for my birthday and I have been attached to it ever since. This one specifically is the exfoliating salt scrub, perfect for at home spa days.

The packaging isn't as fancy for the price of P3600, but regardless of the plastic tub, it still has a really pretty cap. Not gonna lie though, the first sniff isn't the best. It's a very confusing floral smell and not exactly the best kind. However, after applying on damp skin, it smells very luxurious. It's a spa in a tub basically.

I apply it onto my foot due to the sore my high heels at least twice a week when I have my weekly home made spas. It leaves my feet silky smooth at the end. After, I like to put on some vitamin E to lighten and smooth out odd textures. However, it can also be applied to your body, but I feel like it doesn't leave my skin as smooth as other scrubs, so I save it all for my tired feet. (is this tmi? i hope not.) Overall, it probably has one of the most luxurious second scents and is perfect for foot scrubs as its grains really exfoliate any dead skin on your feet.

Also, I'm a little more active on my social media accounts (especially on snapchat). I'm live at @marijua-nana on Snapchat and @Reginastyy on Instagram. Wow, this is such a shameless plug-in.  Anyways, until my next blog post!

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  1. I like your blog, its really dope.
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If you want, than follow me, and let me know in comments, so I can follow you back with pleasure.
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  2. Sounds like something I should try seeing that lately my heels have been leaving me in pain. Good review .


  3. This sounds like something I should try!


  4. I've also got tried feet as soon as my college sem started & treating my feet with this scrub sounds dreamy! And I love its packaging, too!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. definitely feels dreamy! Thanks for dropping by, Kaylee x


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