February Notes & Stuff

5:27 AM

February swung by like a blur. To me, it was a month of awareness and self-love. It created new foundations for relationships and closed some gates as well. But that, that isn't the point of this blogpost. This is just another slightly-late monthly favourites in which I share to you the materialistic-ish stuff I've been raving about.

Revlon, Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow: Pretty sure this isn't the first time I've previewed this product in my blog. This is my go-to cheek sculptor even though it isn't its primary job. It's perfect for looking sun-kissed and also, I secretly use it as eyeshadow because it is highly pigmented. There are multiple high end versions of this palette too. I believe there's one from Bobbi Brown, but because I am broke, drugstore will do.

The Créme Shop, Oval Brush: Okay, not gonna lie, I wasn't too hyped up with the whole oval brush bandwagon. But when my aunt purchased one for me, I couldn't help but love how convenient and easy it is to blend. I personally favour oval brushes over beauty blenders now, what a shock.

Anna Sui perfume: With floral top notes and deep base notes, this scent will forever mark February. It was given by a cousin in OZ and I now carry it in every handbag. It's a tie between fancy yet subtle and if your budget is too tight for a Jo Malone Fragrance, Anna Sui makes elegant scents.

L'oreal Paris, Colour Riche LipColour: If you're filipina like me, you probably get easily swayed with products that mention how fit they are for morena skin (wear whatever lipstick you want though). So when the almighty Filipina YouTuber Anne Clutz did a review for this range, I placed an order immediately. Like no joke, probably in less than a minute. My favourite shade has got to be Nature's Blush. It's a wearable reddish-brown tone that suits Philippine style & weather.

Voluspa, Santiago Huckleberry Candle: My friend, Rico, got me this little tin of pure bliss for my birthday. It's the candle I usually go for when I decide to have a cheeky diy spa night. Also, how chic is the packaging?

In addition to that, I've been completely hooked on the CW series, Riverdale. In case you didn't know, it's a twist to the classic Archie Comics with splashes of mystery and cute doods. You should watch it. Like now. So Good.

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