Light-hearted Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

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I don't know about you, but when it comes to TV series, I'm quite picky with what I should dedicate my time into. Personally, my ideal series is a light-hearted flick or something of the polar end, horror. For this post, I wanna share with you some of the shows I've been watching that aren't overrated so please don't expect 13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things even though I love the two a whole lot. Before I ramble on, these shows are ones I personally enjoy as a seventeen-year old and I am by no means a critic or whatsoever. I'm just sharing what I fancy.

I finished this Netflix original (thirteen 21-minute episodes) in one go, which is quite rare for me. The plot revolves around a loose telling of Sophia Amoruso's pre-NastyGal success and I talked about it a little bit on my previous Style Steal post. Not gonna lie though, this show has been receiving a lot of hate due to its unrealistic dialogues and arrogant protagonist. But because of those two things, I love it. I love how it empowers me and how it shows me that I am unstoppable (even though I am limited to certain extents). GirlBoss is basically an exaggerated version of Amoruso's rags-to-riches story and people who haven't read her book, #Girlboss, probably haven't grasped the idea that it's meant to be exaggerated. Also, the clothes in here are great because it's set in 2006.

002: Fresh Off The Boat 
Asians will probably get the reference the most, but this show has me laughing for ages. The series revolves around a Taiwanese family who moved from Washington to Orlando. My favourite character would definitely be Jessica, the mom of the family. She's your stereotypical asian mom who's a badass. If you're up for a good laugh, this series is the one to binge on. It's currently on its third season, but the good thing about it is that you don't necessarily have to watch it in order or start in the beginning to know what's up.

003: New Girl
This is the series I'm currently binging on and I'm currently in season 3 and loving it. You've probably already heard of it, but it's about a bubbly girl in her 30s, Jessica Day played by Zooey Deschanel, who has three male roommates. It's funny without it being too unrealistic as each character depicts a certain vibe and not a single episode isn't uninteresting for me.

What do you recommend for a good ol' binge watch?x

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  1. Yesh i watched girlboss too, the series is really cool !

  2. I want to watch girlboss, and I used to watch New girl but currently I think I am the only person without a netflix.


    1. The book is really good, too! I have a Netflix, but I actually ended up streaming it instead.

  3. I LOVE Fresh Off the Boat, but I have not watched it in awhile :( I can relate to the 100% because I grew up in the USA with immigrant parents.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Super fun! It's quite overwhelming how fast the kids grow up irl haha! x

  4. Ohh yay! I just did a similar post and I've got 'Girlboss' on mine too. It was fun! x

  5. I´m so ready to binge watch girl boss!

    Vanessa x |

  6. I need to watch Girlboss and Fresh Off the Boat! I love New Girl, but I'm so behind.

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  7. Sometimes if New Girl is on the TV I'll watch it and I really like it, but now I do want to watch all seasons. I've been binge watching Gravity Falls, lately, haha.

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

  8. I have yet to watch Girlboss, but I hear a lot about it! Maybe I'll watch that soon.


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