780 Minutes in South Korea

9:07 PM

In case you haven't been quite around, I've been on holiday for two weeks. So in this snuggled up afternoon, I'm gonna give you a little glimpse on my layover in Korea. We had about 13 hours to spare in the Incheon airport before our flight to Vancouver, so my family and I decided to take a transit tour. In case you're travelling to somewhere and you have a long layover in Incheon, you should definitely take one. The tours range from different hours, but we took one of the five-hour ones. It is essentially free, but the tour we took charged us $10 each for the food and the entrance fee of Gyeongbokgung palace.

The first stop was Gyeongbokgung palace which really deepened my knowledge towards korean culture. The vast area is surrounded with traditional structures and is definitely worth your time. The palace also had a ceremony which I barely got to see because of our tour's curfew. For lunch, our tour guide brought the entire group to a small hidden restaurant in the end of an alleyway. I had vegetarian bibimbap whilst others had the choice of having beef bulgogi. We then had the chance to roam around the streets and visit local boutiques for about an hour. For a tour worth $10, it is much better than lounging in the airport.

Whilst my mom was educating me towards big designer brands around the airport, we happened to stumble upon a small bread cafe. Not gonna lie, I forgot the name but it was somewhere along the lines of Paris and Croissant. They served delicious food and drinks. We also stumbled upon musical performances and cultural ceremonies around the airport. Overall, if you have a long layover, maximize it to the fullest most especially in Korea where a bunch of activities are free.

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  1. sounds like a great holiday,I love the pictures you took and South Korea sonds amazing through your post x


  2. Wow! These photos are so amazing, I would love to visit South Korea if I had the chance! :)X


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