17 Things I've Learned in My 17 Years

7:19 PM

I had my birthday yesterday, I am seventeen now. It's quite surreal how I was 7 years old 10 flipping years ago. I couldn't say that I'm the most experienced seventeen-year old out there, but just like everybody, I have come across multiple morals on my road to becoming 17. I wrote down a list to compile things I'd like to share, so here are seventeen things I've learned in my seventeen years on this planet.

  1. Do not forget to set a self-care day.
  2. Flaunt what God has given you.
  3. Never take time with loved ones for granted.
  4. False lashes are essential for loved ones for granted.
  5. Do NOT frost cupcakes when they're warm. 
  6. Good work requires a handful of hustle.
  7. Friends will come and go and it's okay.
  8. Natural lighting is key!
  9. You are your own style, don't fit into Pinterest boards.
  10. Being a leader is difficult and stressful, but so worth it.
  11. When it comes to painting your walls, choose white/neutral colours to allow room for colorful accents.
  12. Take inspiration and aspire to be inspiration.
  13. Everybody's life works in their own time clock, don't compare your pace with others.
  14. To-do lists are a must to stay organized.
  15. But no matter how much you try to stay organized, creative bursts of energy come from cluttered desks.
  16. Do not cram all projects in one night and don't pair 2 cups of coffee with it to avoid tears and palpitations.
  17. Lastly, Don't stop until you're proud of what you've become.

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